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The Sgt. William Harlow Family Association, Inc.
Organized 27 August 1939 by Descendants
of Sgt. William Harlow of Plymouth, Mass. (1624//5 to 1691)

Please address all mail to:

for Genealogist: for Treasurer:
Sgt. William Harlow Family Assn. Inc. Sgt. William Harlow Family Assn. Inc.
Winfield Harlow W. James Harlow
483 Grange Road P.O. Box 137
North Smithfield, RI 02896-8169 Hawleyville, CT 06440-0137
Winfield Harlow - Genealogist W. James Harlow - Treasurer

Other E-Mail addresses:

Carol Ferreira - President
Peter H Mitchell - Vice President
Susan Moritz - Editor
Sue Painter - Membership Director

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