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"Meet Your Genealogist - Winfield Harlow"
Harlow Family - 5 Generation Book
Elmer G. Harlow Jr. Memorial Page

Diaries and Stories!

Documents! * These documents are provided for information only. The data is provided by others and doesn't neccesarily fully coincide with the views of our Association.
* Virginia Harlows (31 pages - .PDF format - 922KB)
* Harlows from MA, SC, NC, and KY (4 pages - .PDF format - 174KB)

Application and Genealogy Update Forms
Application Form (2 pages - .PDF format - 88KB)
Application Form (2 pages in zip file - .DOC format - 33KB)
Form for submitting new genealogy information

Apply for membership:

If you are a descendant of Sgt. William Harlow through one of his 10 children who grew to adulthood and married, please print a membership application, complete it and send it to Winfield Harlow for approval.
Spouses can also apply for membership.
Annual membership: Annual dues of $20 at time of application and then payable each calendar year.
Life membership: Any Cousin aged 50 years or older can join with a one-time payment of $250.
These membership fees were voted upon and approved at the Annual Meeting held in Plymouth, Mass. on 28 August 2015.

No application will be accepted unless accompanied by a check.
Please make check for dues payable to Sgt. William Harlow Family Assn. Inc. and send your application and check to:

Sgt. William Harlow Family Assn. Inc.
Winfield Harlow
483 Grange Road
North Smithfield, RI 02896-8169

Genealogy Donations!
Special Thank You to our cousins who donate genealogical materials to the Sgt. William Harlow Family Association.

If you have something to donate please let us know.

Genealogy Committee!
Our new Genealogy Committee is now being formed.
We will convert our family records from paper to digital media.
We will also research the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations in preparation of the second volume of our genealogy.
If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee please let me know. Email: Winfield Harlow - Genealogist

Committee Page

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